Time to Extract the hidden 'me' time in Your Lifestyle?

Jo Stevens
Jo Stevens

Mindfulness & Mindful Movements Coach

Lisa has been an incredible help with my website back-end systems. From our very first conversation I realised that she was the right person to work with. Having that support has allowed more 'ME' time while running my own business.

Lisa Jane Hawthorne

Lifestyle Accountability Coach

What you’ll get during your

Free Strategy Call

This call is about getting to know YOU, your current lifestyle, and more importantly, what your ideal lifestyle looks like. Lisa will then work with you to develop a strategy to extract more 'me' time by implementing practices that allow you to run your business and life more efficiently!

She will suggest simple, easy tools and methods that give you the time you need and deserve for self-care and to live the lifestyle you want!

This call is obligation-free! The worst that can happen is that you learn something that helps you achieve your lifestyle goals!

About Lisa Jane Hawthorne

Lisa's purpose in life is to teach, coach or mentor - no matter the subject!

At the age of three, this was teaching visitors to the property how to skin rabbits! At nine, instructing karate classes! Throughout school - mentoring others! Her teaching techniques were honed as part of training in the military and becoming a scuba instructor.

While working as a Trainer for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment the role became more about pushing people through to get a piece of paper rather than teaching them how to be a good Trainer and Assessor so Lisa changed her lifestyle and made Personal Training the focal point of her teaching.

Lisa's aim with Lifestyle Coaching is about teaching her client to look at what they are doing from a different perspective to see how they can do it easier, more enjoyably. How they can eat better without missing out, how they can incorporate mindfulness into their lives, how to be fit by doing activities they enjoy, how to incorporate business solutions that work for them rather than create work for them and, most importantly - how to love their life!

Why others recommend having a Free Consultation Call

The value you receive from just the one call can be enormous...

but don't just take our word for it!

I had a great informative session with Lisa, we discussed my personal evaluation form and the ups and downs of my results. Lisa was very patient, calm, inspiring and full of great tips!! I would recommend her services. Thank you Lisa for your words of wisdom 

Kate Reynolds

Relocation Coach

Lisa has wonderful ideas on HOW you can find the time in your day for YOU, and how to stop spending time on things that don't support you!

Tamsin Young

Money Coach

Lisa is an amazing PT! I have known her for so long now that she has become such a big part of my life. A personal trainer, motivator, a friend and a life coach. She has kept me focused on what I want in my lifestyle and even given me the motivation to start jogging.

Tiffany Firrell

Working Mum

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