Wellness for your website and business systems!

Are you running your business or is it running you?

Have you spent good money on a website only to find that it isn't working FOR you?

Are you spending countless hours on emailing potential clients?

Are you doing more admin than the passion aspect of your business?

Is it getting you down that you have all this 'business stuff' that you need to take care of when you could be taking care of clients?

Let's start making YOUR lifestyle a priority so you can better help your clients!

Jo Stevens

Lisa has been an incredible help with my website back-end systems. From our very first conversation I realised that she was the right person to work with. Having that support has allowed more 'ME' time while running my own business.

see how easy it is to extract

'ME' Time 


Automating your Business Systems!

As a provider of health and wellness services, your passion is to serve your clients! As a solopreneur having to take care of all aspects of your business that takes you away from caring for your clients can bring you down! The first thing to go is the time you spend on looking after yourself!

We can help you get back your self-care time so that you can better serve your clients and your business systems serve you! 

Lead Generation

Stop spending time chasing new clients! We can integrate lead generating features in your website so that new clients will come to you!

Email Automations

When you do get a new lead, if you don't get back to them, they can quickly disappear! With automated emails, your new lead is still getting to know you, without you having to remember to send new info!


Customer Relations Management! Keep track of you interactions with your clients so that you know what they will need next!

Online Booking Systems

Stop the to and fro of 'is this time good for you?'! with an online booking system, you set your hours and your client chooses from available times to suite their needs!

Our Team

Web Designer / Business Systems Guru

Lisa Jane Hawthorne

I’m a great advocator of a healthy lifestyle, so taking time out from business to focus on self-care is important to me and I believe it should be important to you!

By designing a website that integrates an online booking system and automated emails for you, I can help you streamline your business to ensure that you get the necessary ‘me’ time for a healthy lifestyle!

My purpose in life is to teach, so to that end, if you want to manage your own systems, I make sure you know how to! If the tech stuff is something you want to avoid, I am more than happy to manage that for you! The choice is yours!

The Woman with the Words

Sally Eberhardt

Let’s convey the right message to the right people whether that’s on your website, blog, LinkedIn bio, social media posts, Speaker or Author Kit, media releases etc.

I take great joy in helping you express the unique value you offer to your customers. Let’s show them what a difference you can make!

Investing in good copy is a very wise business decision and I’m happy to show you how to squeeze every last drop of value out of it.

Satisfaction is guaranteed - I'm not happy unless you are!

Why work with us?

Because we understand the woman behind the business of self-care and how important it is to maintain! 

Our clients have had increased Google ratings, more leads, more lead conversions and more time to spend on self-care!

If your website and business systems are doing the work for you, you can spend time on YOU! That means, you are able to give more to your clients!

Take a look at our work!

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